Sunrise Smart Pillow

Wake-Up With Energy

and start your days with excitement

With your own personal Sunrise and Deep Sleep Technology you can now improve your body's sleep & wake hormones thanks to the power of science.

I Need This

Fall Asleep Faster

with Deep Sleep Technology™

Sunrise Smart Pillow includes 21 sleep sounds that are scientifically proven to help you fall asleep faster.


  • LED Lights

    The Sunrise Smart Pillow uses light therapy to wake you feeling fully refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

  • Wireless Music

    Once your sunrise is complete, nature sounds (or your favorite music) play to ensure you're awake, completing your wake-up experience.

  • Sleep Score

    Your sleep history show you how your habits affect your score, so you can perfect your sleep.

  • Advanced Smart Alarm

    We all have an internal clock (aka circadian rhythm) that naturally tells us when to sleep & wake up.  The Sunrise Pillow detects your sleep cycle and knows to begin the wake-up process when you're in a light phase of sleep.

  • Luxurious Comfort

    All of the components are embedded deep within premium aerated memory foam.  The pillowcase is made with ultra-breathable diamond-quilt fabric to maximize comfort, cooling, and airflow.

  • Under development

    We are working hard to build the best smart pillow ever.  Join the sleep revolution today and be one of the first to get your Sunrise Smart Pillow.


Can I disable Bluetooth while I sleep?

Absolutely, yes!

Does the light disturb my sleeping partner in the morning?


The best way to answer this is by comparing the Sunrise wake-up experience with that of a traditional "loud alarm every morning" experience. Light is a superior way of waking up each morning as it regulates your hormones and prepares your mind & body for a much more productive and energetic day. Whereas waking by loud sounds (suddenly jolting you out of sleep) completely neglects the natural (and critical) part of our wake-up process, which is telling your body to stop producing Melatonin (the sleep hormone), before you're awake. Both of these wake-up methods (light method vs. scary disturbing sound method) can wake our partners up each morning (as much as we wish they wouldn't), but your sunrise simulation and directional speakers (so only you hear them) are much less likely to interrupt your partner's sleep and has a much higher probability of not disturbing them at all.

Does it come with a Pillowcase?

Yes. Included is one (1) FREE Premium Ultra Soft diamond-quilted pillowcase. It is made of high quality Tencel fabric that is ultra-breathable, removable and washable.

How accurate is it?

The sleep tracking sensors in your Sunrise Smart Pillow are the most accurate on the market; especially due to their position. Other sleep trackers are placed on your nightstand or under your mattress. The sensors and microphone in the Sunrise Pillow are embedded deep beneath layers of premium memory foam. This allows the Sunrise Smart Pillow to accurately detect your sleep cycles (via movements and sound) with an extremely higher rate of accuracy.

What powers the Sunrise Smart Pillow?

Your Sunrise Smart Pillow is battery powered and uses a standard Micro-USB charger.

How can I wash it?

The soft premium diamond-quilted Tencel pillowcase is removable and washable. You can spot wash memory foam with baking soda or use a light soap and water application--all of the components of the Sunrise Smart Pillow are waterproof. This is best washing practices for all premium memory foam pillows.

If I choose to disable Bluetooth while I sleep, how will my Sunrise Pillow know to wake me?

Your Sunrise Pillow stores your alarm times & settings. Simply set your alarm in the app and your selections are automatically synced to your Sunrise Pillow (you must be paired via Bluetooth to do this).

If I choose to disable Bluetooth while I sleep, does this affect my sleep tracking?


Your sleep data is stored in your smart pillow. The next time you pair (via Bluetooth), your sleep data is automatically synced to your iOS or Android device.

How long does the battery last?

The battery of your Sunrise Smart Pillow lasts up to 15-21 days without a charge.

What are the dimensions of the Sunrise Smart Pillow?

Contour Mastermind: 
22" x 18" x (5" x 3.5" x 4")

Can I feel the lights on top or beneath the surface of the pillow?


The special LED lights are hidden beneath layers of comfort so you cannot feel them.

Can I control left lights and right lights individually to avoid disturbing my partner when reading or waking up?

Yes! Absolutely.

Your Sunrise Smart Pillow gives you the ability to select which lights (left side, right side, or both) you want to use for individual functions.

What do you mean Individual functions?

The Sunrise light cycle, Reading lights, Sunrise with Blue mode, etc.

How comfortable is the pillow?

Your Sunrise Smart Pillow is ultra comfortable. We designed it with only the highest quality premium memory foam. It is rated Medium to Medium-firm.